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What is Community Supported Herbalism?

Community Supported Herbalism is a way to support your local herbalist while growing your own knowledge of plants and how to use them for vibrant health. We are excited to announce our first CSH program starting in the Spring of 2016!

Not only will share owners receive a monthly box with seasonal herbal extracts, they will also receive detailed information on each plant included in the box, recipes and ways to use their extracts.

In addition to prepared herbal products, one type of share we will offer is fresh harvested plants to make your own prepartions. This share is ideal for the customer who is interested in making fresh plant products but does not have the means to grow the plants themselves.

A sample of products we plant to offer include:

herbal oils

herbal salves


herbal vinegars

tea blends

dried culinary herbs

fresh plants for making extracts.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please join our mailing list or email to be notified when registration opens up. We will only have a limited number of shares available this season, but hope to expand our offerings in the fall!

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