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Herbal extracts made in Carolina Beach, NC

We teach classes, and make whole-plant herbal extracts from locally grown and organic dried herbs. All of our products are limited ingredient, and contain no added essential oils, petroleum products, or artificial ingredients. 


Learn about using plants for vibrant health!


Kathryn teaches classes every month at various locations around Wilmington, NC. The classes range from making basic herbal preparations at home, to how to use those preparations for optimum family health. 




Looking for answers to individual questions? A personal consultation is right for you! This guided individual study is a series of one-on-one meetings designed to help you achieve your individual goals - From perganancy achievement to growing your home herbal garden!

Locally Made
Herbal Products


Our training and focus is on the benefits and uses of whole plant preparations, such as infused oils, teas, tinctures and decoctions, rather than on the use of a single concentrated component of the plant, like essential oils.  Are products are limited ingredient and designed to maximize effectiveness and safety. Whole plant preparations of nourishing, food-like herbs support the natural healing processes in and of the body.When local plants are not available, Kathryn sources organic plant material from Mountain Rose Herbs and Frontier Herbs Coop. 





Kat's approach to nurture your individual you is exceptional. While studying law all the way in California, she listened to my concerns about stress and anxiety and suggested a specific tea leaf blend. It was unbelievable and truly helped me get a better night's sleep!


Kristen Montez




Kat provided me some herbal infusions to help with bruising and skin issues, and they have worked amazingly! She is so knowledgeable about herbs as well, so working with her is educational AND effective!

Gaby Merediz

What Customers are saying

I just finished my first batch of Stinging Nettles Infusion thanks to herbalist Kathryn Sisler Waple and her business Gray Cat Botanicals. I am very excited to begin this new path to better wellness by utilizing what is grown in nature! I highly recommend Kathryn if you're interested in naturally supporting your immune system and other aspects of your health. She teaches classes in Wilmington, offers private consultations, and private group classes. She's amazing!

Chelsea Thornhill




Burn and Nerve Pain Relief Salve

"I had shingles this spring and NOTHING was touching the pain and discomfort. Kathryn recommended her Nerve and Burn Salve and it was amazing. The only thing that took the pain and itch away!"

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