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Introducing the SeaGate School of Holistic Herbalism

Gray Cat Botanicals is not going anywhere, but now you can find Workshops and Classes under The SeaGate School of Holistic Herbalism! The in-person, hands-on herbal workshops and classes are still taught by Kathryn Sisler Waple and a carefully curated group of talented herbalists and practitioners in the Wilmington area. 

Growing the Herbal Community in South East North Carolina  since 2007.

My name is Kathryn Sisler Waple. I love nurturing community, supporting local herbalists and working with people who are "herbal curious". I teach classes and make whole-plant herbal extracts from locally grown fresh, and organic dried herbs. All of my products are limited ingredient, and contain no added essential oils, petroleum products, or artificial ingredients. 

Locally Made
Herbal Products


Our training and focus is on the benefits and uses of whole plant preparations, such as infused oils, teas, tinctures and decoctions, rather than on the use of a single concentrated component of the plant, like essential oils.  Our products are limited ingredient and designed to maximize effectiveness and safety. Whole plant preparations of nourishing, food-like herbs support the natural healing processes of the body. When local plants are not available, Kathryn sources organic plant material from Mountain Rose Herbs and Frontier Herbs Coop. 




Product Reviews

Burn and Nerve Pain Relief Salve

"I had shingles this spring and NOTHING was touching the pain and discomfort. Kathryn recommended her Nerve and Burn Salve and it was amazing. The only thing that took the pain and itch away!"

                          -Elena R.H.

"I've been using Gray Cat products for years and love them all! One of my favorites is the Yarrow Tincture which I use religiously for mosquito bite relief. I typically have a pretty big inflammation response to bites that can last up to a week, but I've noticed that if I apply some tincture soon after the bite, it will completely disappear that day. Amazing!"

                          -Britt C.

What Students are Saying

"Very helpful. The class deepened my knowledge of Calendula, especially, and also inspired me to hone in on the herbs I’m growing and learn everything I can about them before adding to the family. I was already loosely learning the Latin names, but now I’m going to buckle down!" 

                         -Carrie B.

"Your love and energy for these topics was amazing. You both have such sweet and joyful souls and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you both. I’m hooked! I want to know more and look forward to learning from the both of you again."  

"I recently attended Kathryn's "A Good Night's Sleep for the Whole Family" class. She is such a knowledgeable resources and learned a great deal about how  to use herbs for relaxation for both adults and children! I am looking forward to more classes."

                              -Breni M. 

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