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We make "whole plant" herbal infused oils using fresh plants we grow in our gardens or wildcrafted (harvested from the wild without damaging the population of the plant). When fresh plants are not available, we source organic dried plant material from Frontier Herbs Co-op and Mountain Rose Herbs.


After carefully harvesting the fresh plants, they are infused in extra virgin olive oil for at least six weeks.

This long, cold infusion process protects the healing elements of the plants, while making sure all of the benefits are extracted into the oil.


The plant material is then strained out and allowed to settle to remove any water or plant particulates. The oils are then made into salves using locally sourced beeswax.


Whole Plant extracts are like taking the medicinal parts of the fresh plant and using them in a way that reflects the naturally occurring phytochemical makeup of the original plant. It's like the difference between eating an orange (whole food) or taking a vitamin c pill (concentrated extract). They are both useful, but have different purposes. And it is much easier to make yourself sick with taking too much vitamin c, than consuming the correlating amount of oranges.


Products can be purchased  online through Square and at

Tidal Creek Co-op (Wilmington, NC)

Salty Dog Yoga and Surf (Carolina Beach, NC)

Chandra Botanicals (Atlantic Beach, NC) 

Are you interested in carrying Gray Cat Botanicals products in your brick-and-mortar store? Contact Kathryn for wholesale rates by clicking here:

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